Portable Sinks


About PolyJohn Portable Sinks

PolyJohn is a leading manufacturer of portable outdoor sinks and hand washing station. Our sinks set the standard for the sanitation industry and are used world wide. Crafted for high traffic events such as commercial worksites, fairs and festivals, our sinks will provide years of service.

We manufacture a diverse line-up of portable sinks and handwashing stations. They can provide a sanitary method of washing your hands for one or more guests at a time. They can also be installed in the portable restroom or can be free standing. All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure quality and satisfaction. If you need help selecting the right portable sink, contact us and we will help.

single user washstand pewter front

Single User Washstand

Part # PS02-1000

3qtr right

HandStand 2

Part # PSW2-1000

heated grandstand 3qtr right

Heated Grandstand

Part # PSW1-2100


4 Person Wash Station

Part # PS14-1000

new 3qtr


Part # BRA2-1000

heat 1

Heated Bravo

Part # BRA2-2000



Part # SK3-1000 (Bag Liner) / SK3-2000 (Hard Liner)

applause front

Applause Direct Connect

Part # SK3-3000

pjn3 sink front

PJN3 Sink

Part # PSN1-1000


Fleet Sink

Part # FS3-0026 (Non_Flushing), FS3-0026_F (Flushing)

pse2 front

Euro Sink

Part # PSE2-1000