PJN3 Recirculating Flush Tank

pjn3 recirculating flush tank

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  • pjn3 recirculating flush tank
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PJ Part Number   FT02-1000

This re-circulating flush system is designed specifically for the PJN3 and PJP3 portable restroom models.  It has an aesthetically contoured waste holding tank with a sloped top to drain away fluid, and an integrally molded seat base and bowl to provide a strong “swirlpool” flush.

The re-circulating flush tank conceals waste by the use of a weighted flapper valve.  It also comes with a floor-mounted foot operated pump that allows hands free operation.  What's even better is that this tank conserves water.

The large hinged lid with a built-in prop rod acts as an access port for service and maintenance.  

NOTE:  We discourage pumping through the flapper valve as damage may result.  We have designed the top of the tank to lift up to be serviced easily.

  • Hands free
  • Floor mounted foot operated pump
  • Conceals waste
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Hinged top allows easy access for service
  • Conserves water

This tank is compatible with the following units:



Description Measurement

24.5 in / 62 cm


41 in / 104 cm


24 in / 61 cm

Weight - Empty

37 lbs / 16.65 kg

Tank Capacity

39 gal / 147.6 ltr

Pump Capacity (Per Stroke)

8 oz / 236 ml



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