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Why You Should Add the Handicap Portable Toilet to Your Product Offerings

As you grow your portable restroom rental business, it’s highly encouraged that you diversify your product offerings. An expanded product line allows you to serve a wider range of customers, as well as increase your bottom line. A product category that many established portable restroom operators have added is the handicap portable toilet. Adding handicap-accessible units to your inventory makes sense for multiple reasons...

Considerations for When You’re Seeking Construction Portable Toilets for Sale

The portable sanitation industry has a close relationship with the construction industry. When on-site, workers need a place to go to the bathroom, and that’s what portable restroom operators provide. Portable restroom rental company owners know that construction season is also the busy season for their business. While special events provide the occasional large influx of cash, it’s the construction industry that provides the constant flow of income. Business owners frequently look for construction portable toilets for sale due to high demand and to replace worksite units that are ready to be retired. If that describes you, take a few minutes to read the rest of this post before making your next purchase...

Why It Comes in Handy to Have a Portable Holding Tank Available

At the minimum, a portable restroom operator needs units, a truck, and cleaning supplies in order to do his or her job. These are the essential tools of the trade. There are also numerous accessories available that are worth considering. Items like lights and hand sanitizer dispensers enhance the customer experience and provide additional sources of income. There are also accessories that benefit you and employees by making the job easier and saving time. One of these accessories a portable holding tank....

Considerations for When You’re Seeking Event Toilets for Sale

Construction portable toilets are the bread and butter of the portable restroom rental business. They’re a consistent source of income that can be relied upon the entire busy season. However, special events offer opportunities to make big money in a short amount of time because of the upgrades they include and the appeal they have to customers looking for higher-end amenities. If you’ve thought about looking for event toilets for sale but haven’t committed, perhaps the information presented in this post will convince you to take the leap.


Fleet Series Unit At WWETT Show 2016

Ray talks through some of the features and benefits of the PolyJohn Fleet Series at WWETT Show 2016.​

Results: 53 Articles(s) Found.