PolyJohn is a world-wide manufacturer of portable toilets, portable restrooms, portable sinks and accessories.  PolyJohn is there when you need us, and our attention to your needs begins in manufacturing. From polyethylene resin pellets to portable restrooms, PolyJohn’s comprehensive, innovative manufacturing processes allow us to control quality from raw material to finished product at our facilities in the United States, and Canada.

Quality and Innovation

PolyJohn is a world-class manufacturer dedicated to a Total Quality Management business culture. Our product design and developmental engineering team utilizes sophisticated computer aided design (CAD) software systems to create innovative, functional and long-lasting, durable products.

Raw Materials

Polyethylene resin pellets are delivered to storage silos with mixing, batching and conveying support systems to move the pellets into plastic forming machinery. With these machines we mix color, UV protection, and other additives into our plastics to make them the longest-lasting and most color-stable plastics available. Careful consideration is given to our polymers. Pigmented colors are scrutinized for heat and light stability. Extra additives are blended into the resins for ultra-violet (UV) radiation resistance, providing long lasting life.

Plastic Sheet Extrusions

With these machines, polyethylene resin is blended with color concentrates and UV additives to manufacture flat, plastic extruded sheets, which are later used in our thermoforming and CNC manufacturing operations. We can perfectly control color consistency, width, and strength of our products.

Capacity and equipment:

• 84 inch (213cm) width capacity

• 1/2 inch (12mm) gauge capacity

• Co-extrusion up to three layers

• 4 1/2" main extruder

• 3 1/2" co-extruder

Thermoforming - Single/Twin Sheet

Thermoforming machines heat and soften plastic sheets and then force it over or into a temperature-controlled mold by means of pressure (usually vacuum) where the plastic assumes the shape of the mold. Parts made from this process such as roofs, doors and wall panels are cooled to room temperature and then machined in specially designed routering and drilling equipment to guarantee quality and consistency. With this equipment, we have mastered the science of creating a consistent result that is the same from unit to unit, day to day, year to year.

Machinery includes:

• One Maac rotary, 5' x 9' x 3' depth of draw

• Two Brown & Modern rotaries, 4' x 8' x 2' depth of draw

• One Modern two-work station, 4' x 8' x 2' depth of draw

CNC Machining

We use industrial CNC (computer numerical control) routers for accurate high speed robotic machining to trim, cut and shape plastics, composites, non-ferrous metals and wood. The five-axis capability, in addition to creating production parts, allows us to make models and prototypes for future product development.

Rotational Moulding

Polyethylene resin pellets are ground to a fine mesh powder using particle-size reduction machines and then blended together with pigments and additives. This powder is then loaded into molds made from heat conductive materials. Mechanical arms position the molds into an oven where they are rotated on two axis planes at right angles to each other so that the molds revolve in a 360-degree circle. The powder melts and coats the inside of the heated molds yielding evenly uniform wall thickness and stress-free parts. Hollow shaped parts such as tanks and sinks are made through this manufacturing method.

Machinery includes:

• Two McNeil 1500 models with 78" diameter "swings"

• Two Ferry 330 models with 128" diameter "swings"

• Two reduction engineering pulverizing particle reduction machines

• Support equipment, high speed mixing and blending

Injection Moulding

Polymer resins, pigments and additives are mixed together in a cylinder that has a reciprocating screw inside of it. After the materials have been heated to a homogeneous viscous liquid, the screw forces the materials into a closed mould to form simple to complicated solid shapes. Fly screens, handles, latches and spigots are examples of this manufacturing process.

Machinery includes:

• Sandretto 485 ton, 12 ounce shot

• Sandretto 85 ton, 32 ounce shot

Metal Working

Trailers, high-rise building crane lifting slings and tie-down stakes for portable restrooms are manufactured in this department, as well as other products.


PolyJohn employs a variety of assembly techniques and testing methods. Our highly skilled craftspeople assemble several types of sinks and portable restrooms, creating finished products that are second to none.

The Preferred Portable Restroom Supplier

PolyJohn’s manufacturing process is just one of the reasons for us being the preferred portable toilet supplier.  Our customer-focused service, diverse and dependable product line, global reach and willingness to go the extra mile, provide peace of mind for our customers looking for a portable restroom supplier.